Home Server Setup

$150 + shipping and handling.

Send me a computer. It can be one of your older, unused desktop or notebook computers. I will install and configure software so that the computer can be used as a home-based server and send the machine back to you. Plug it in, turn it on, and then skype me and we’ll tie up the loose ends.

System Components:

OS: Linux Mint
Web Service: Apache 2 + PHP
e-Mail Service: Postfix and Dovecot with SpamAssassin and ProcMail filtering
Database Service: MySQL
FTP Service: ProFTP
SSH Service: OpenSSH
Blog Platform: WordPress with WordFence Security Plug-In, plus other plug-ins required for your particular needs.
Security: Fail2Ban
Server Administration: WebMin

e-Mail me below and we can start a conversation about getting you set up.

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