Sputnik Wood Cook Stove – $150 USD


The Sputnik Stove is out of this world! This tiny, portable wood stove weighs only 20 pounds, yet it has all the functionality of a full-sized kitchen stove as well as a full-sized wood-fueled space heater. (When used as a space heater, the Sputnik is meant for heating open-air spaces and well-ventilated temporary shelters such as hunting blinds and ice-fishing shanties. Do not use in permanent, sealed shelters – homes, mobile homes, RVs, etc.)

It does something that the other camp stoves don’t do: it grills! Simply twist off the steel cook-top and place the grill (included) on top and you are ready to grill steaks, wienies, hamburgers, etc. Replace the cook-top and fry bacon and eggs, cook a stew, boil drinking water, heat water for dish-washing, bathing, or laundry.

Steel cook-top installed.

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Cook-top removed; grill installed.

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The Sputnik does not depend on fuels – such as white gasoline, kerosene, and propane – that are sourced from long-haul “just-in-time” supply chains. Rather, the stove burns dead-fall limbs, seasoned firewood, coal, and non-pressure-treated lumber scraps. Ideal wood stick size is 8-10 in. in length and about 2 in. in diameter. Maximum stick length is 12 in. and maximum stick diameter is 3 ½ in. When the cook-top and 4-ft chimney are installed, the stove is virtually smokeless (seasoned firewood).

The Sputnik Stove is not a cheaply-built, dysfunctional psuedo-product from overseas (you know what I’m talking about.) The Sputnik actually does what it appears to do, and it holds up over time. We hand-build each stove, buying all components from small-scale local family-owned businesses.

“How is the Sputnik better than an open camp fire?”

Good question! How about smokeless (cook-top and chimney installed)! How about no pot soot! How about huge gains in wood-burning efficiency! How about reduced risk of igniting wildfires! How about usable in ventilated shelters! How about “it works even when the ground is soaking wet or covered with snow”! How about positionable, as in placing on a picnic table so that you can cook, get warm, dry clothes, and play cards in comfort! Nah, the campfire is “Plan B” at best.

★ Emergencies: hurricanes, ice storms, power outages, etc.
★ Off-Grid Living

★ Camping
★ Hunting Blinds*
★ Ice-Fishing Shanties*
★ Outdoor Cooking
★ Recreation
★ Outdoor Cool-Weather Fellowship
★ Sailboat Galleys*
Use adequate ventilation. Cook top and chimney must be installed, and chimney must be vented to the outside of the shelter.

★ Stove-top Cooking: frying, boiling, stewing.
★ Baking: It takes some practice and attention, but yes, you can bake on a cook-top!
★ Water Heating and Sterilization: dish washing, bathing, laundry, drinking water.
★ Space Heating: Warm up patio, camping, and picnic table areas, sailboat cabins, tents, hunting blinds and ice-fishing shanties, etc.*
★ Grilling: Simply replace the solid steel cook-top with the grilling grate (included).
* Use adequate ventilation. Cook top and chimney must be installed, and chimney must be vented to the outside of the shelter.

★ Materials: Heavy-duty steel construction. All joints are welded, not fastened.
★ Weight: 20 lb
★ Firebox Dimensions: 7 in. deep by 12 in. diameter.
★ Height: 20 in. from foot to cook-top
★ Cook-top: 12 3/4 in. diameter.

For outdoor use only.

Sputnik Stove $150 USD


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