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The following videos deal with the inevitable collision between the way our world is now and what it will be and should become later. Common themes in the videos include the coming exhaustion of net-positive petroleum, the intensifying financial and monetary tyranny imposed on Humanity, and the increasing invincibility of the Technocracy as it seeks to impose full-spectrum domination and turn the planet into a plantation.

If we make wise choices and insist on their implementation, our future can be bright. Our choices are pretty straightforward: we can choose an artificial neo-feudal future – with increasing concentration of power, wealth, and privilege – or we can choose a natural and egalitarian future characterized by decentralization. diversification, and diffusion of power, wealth, currency, and industry.

In the meantime, look for ever-more extreme vampire-bankster shenanigans, intensifying unconstitutional militarization of law enforcement and government agencies (in the name of “fighting terrorism”, of course), increasingly obscene laws and regulations regarding your right to produce or access food and water, and dwindling options for where to buy and sell and how to execute the associated payments.